Together Even When We Are Apart: MSK and Hand Therapy’s ‘WOD’ COVID Story

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Monday 23rd March 2019 was not your normal Monday.

The surge of COVID-19 was imminent and we were converting all our patients to virtual sessions via Attend Anywhere and telephone clinics, as well as ensuring our outpatient teams were set up for virtual working.  It dawned on us that a team that normally spends so much time together, was about to spend more time apart, which gave birth to a new initiative…

 the MSK Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Workout of the day (WOD)

We started with 10 team members agreeing to provide a short WOD video on a rota, with the aim to post these videos on our twitter channel daily @ASPHphysio (definitely worth the follow!), plus share on our teams WhatsApp group.  Our wonderfully naïve aim was for 6 weeks of WOD’s until the schools returned, which was meant to signify the end of COVID-19!

The team produced a variety of content ranging from: garden workouts; indoor workouts; ‘bring me up Sally’ push up challenge with the family; Pilates; CrossFit; mindfulness and cooking videos. 

We started small but soon started getting over 1000 views on most videos daily and some with over 5000!  We gained over 200 new twitter followers plus many world famous physios liking and retweeting. 

Along the way we had some special guest appearances including, Sally Greensmith from ASPH QI team and Diana Moran, the Green Goddess from TV workout’s in the 1980’s!  This was all during a time of embracing virtual working at home and the challenges of maintaining our outpatient care to our patients. 

The team really took pride in producing fun, informative and motivating videos and we continued to make 70 videos in total until children started their return to school, but sadly not the end of COVID.  This helped bring the whole of the outpatient teams together by getting their daily WOD and providing colleagues with well deserved support for their videos. 

Below is our final WOD tweet and video!

Here are some great quotes from the team to share their experiences of the WOD journey:

Corrinn Upton:

“Joe Wicks eat your heart out! The ASPH WOD’s were an amazing idea from the beginning of lockdown. They kept the camaraderie in the team, and encouraged many of us to keep up our motivation through a tough time of gym closures and restricted daily activity hours! The variety of WODs made it all the more entertaining – from elite sprint sessions to weighted squatting with cats! Although we couldn’t see each other, these daily workouts shared between the group felt like we were doing things together in a team. I loved being a part of the ASPH daily WODs.”

Leon Palmer-Wilson:

“So much interaction from colleagues, friends and family made the chaos of making them worthwhile!”

Olly Sell:

 “Amazing, fun, educational and inspirational”  I had a lot of fun doing these, knowing that these could help anyone who needed it!

Nabilah Rahman:

“I felt a great sense of pride in my MSK team having completed many weeks (and achieving 1000 twitter views) of WOD videos while working remotely. Especially since I was far far away in Scotland, it made me feel closer with my team 🙂”

Thank you to Ryan Mackie, Clinical Lead for MSK Physiotherapy & Hand Therapy, for writing this blog post.

Most importantly, thank you to the MSK Physiotherapy & Hand Therapy team, for creating brilliant videos for keeping us fit and connecting us with with the team!

If you haven’t already, do follow the team @ASPHphysio

I guess there are no more excuses for not getting a workout at home now…!

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