The IHI Open School

ihi-logoThe IHI Open School provides training and tools in an “online, educational community to help you and your team deliver excellent, safe care”.  You can learn more about the IHI Open School here.

When you engage with the Open School courses, you join more than 250,000 learners from universities, organisations, and health systems around the world in building core skills in improvement, safety, and leadership.

We recommend that you participate in the free modules available, even if the full programme is not available to you.

*The Institute for Healthcare Improvement, (IHI), is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are a leader in health and health care improvement worldwide. The ‘Model for Improvement’ that is used by the Be the Change team comes from the IHI.

Open School

Why should I participate?

Participating in the IHI Open School will enable you to;

  • Build your core skills in improvement, patient safety and leadership
  • Be part of the growing, local QI community
  • Connect with >250 000 IHI learners, worldwide
  • Identify yourself as a champion for QI

The IHI Open School can form part of your CPD portfolio and be used for re-validation in nursing.

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