Getting Started

Like with every great invention or intervention,  a Quality Improvement (QI) project starts with an idea or a problem that you would like to solve. If you are starting with a problem, it is important to get to the root-cause. You can be then be sure that any changes will make the difference you want to see.

Try using the ‘5 whys‘ to get to the root-cause of a problem.

Measurement and recording data is also key to getting started with a QI project. Measurement will allow you to track improvement over time and will also help identify further opportunities for improvement.

When it comes to making an improvement, it is really helpful to start with the three fundamental questions from the Model for Improvement:

1. What are we trying to accomplish?

2. How will we know if a change is an improvement?

3. What changes can we make that will result in improvement?

You can get tips on using the Model for Improvement here and there are some useful tools in our resources section.

The most important thing you can do is start!

Next Steps

  • If you are yet to start: Have a look at some ideas

The Knowledge Service is a great place to start. ASPH have fabulous evidence specialist librarians who are able to help you find the latest and greatest in your field.

  • If you are looking to start your QI project: Register it with Be the Change.

We will be able to guide and help you in how to conduct your project – We are a friendly bunch! It will also allow us to update our repository of QI projects, so like-minded change champions can contact each other.

  • If you have completed your QI project: Why not submit it to the Knowledge Hub?

The Knowledge Hub is where everyone in the Trust can share the work and learning they have produced through research.

” If you have a good idea and you can persuade one or two colleagues to be supportive then go for it!

Not every great idea will turn out to be the next revolutionary step in healthcare delivery and some may fail even before they start but it’s the learning and confidence we get from trying that’s so very important.

So why not start something just in case it’s a success, rather than not starting in case it fails, you never know where it will take you.”

Suzanne Rankin, Chief Executive of Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust

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