The Human Side of Change


Supporting quality improvement is synonymous with being a developing and progressive organisation and we know that in order for us to achieve our goals, we need our teams to be empowered to be creative, innovative and always looking for ways to improve our services and the care we provide.

As well as all the great resources and tips to help our teams develop their skills and participate in quality improvement, we also want to explore and share our thinking and research about the human side of change.

We strongly believe that improvement is all about people, and that learning about some of the topics below will help us all on our QI journey.  Your thoughts and feedback in the comments section is always appreciated.

Our articles:
Why do we resist change?

We know that it is vital to have people on board with the changes we want to make, but sometimes we assume that it is enough to be really clear about the end goal and to communicate and support them throughout a change. That’s a good start, but there’s much more to it. Read more…

riseperformancegroupWhat motivates us to change?

People are inherently adaptable.  We know this because we’ve not only evolved, but also gradually and significantly changed our behaviour over thousands of years to survive as we do today. But what is it that motivates us to change? Read more…

One thought on “The Human Side of Change

  1. A Buddhist on Radio 4 ‘thought for today’ this morning commenting on Bowie’s ‘Changes’ said that the message was if we want transformation then we have to accept the insecurity that comes with making the change. Struck me that we rarely acknowledge those feelings of insecurity and what it means for how people behave.

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