Here are a selection of our favourite videos from around the world on some of our favourite subjects.  We don’t own any of these videos and all credits belong to the owners.  If you have any suggestions for videos we should share, or if any of our links don’t work, please get in touch.

Quality Improvement

Dr Mike Evans introduces the basics of quality improvement in this classic video:

An introduction to PDSA from the team at BMJ Quality:

Patient Safety

Charged with Manslaughter for a drug error – The Julie Thao story.  Franck Guilloteau describes the circumstances that lead to the death of a 16 year old pregnant woman who was in labour and being looked after by Julie Thao:

Dr Lucian Leape explains why mistakes happen in healthcare and how to prevent them for the IHI Open School:


Carol Haraden from the IHI describes why it is important to use data for both measurement and monitoring:

Mike Davidge explains the seven steps to measurement for improvement:

Bob Lloyd is back with another whiteboard video explaining the basic of run charts:


Dympna Cunnane, Organisation Development Consultant and Programme Director at London Business School, discusses her views on how healthcare leaders respond to the pressures of the job and their role in ensuring high quality, compassionate care for patients:

Don Berwick on the changing nature of leadership in healthcare:

A classic Ted Talk on how to start a social movement: