Quality improvement (QI) doesn’t require any special skills or complex methodologies, more than anything it takes an attitude and an outlook of being perpetually curious.

But for anyone who is looking to get started, or to learn more about putting the theories of QI into practice, we have some resources that we hope you will find useful:


  • The ‘Model for Improvement’ was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and is a powerful and effective means for making improvements on any scale
  • A ‘Plan-Do-Study-Act’ cycle is a simple tool to help test changes in the real world, adapting and improving as you go
  • A run chart is an effective way to display and interpret data for your project and we have created a really easy template for this, which you can read more about and download here

There are also a few tips on some specific subjects for anyone leading a QI project.