Are you a manager or a leader?

This month, we wanted to bring your attention to this blog from a member of the IHI faculty, and our friend, Michael Pugh.

Michael was a member of the IHI faculty who spent time with us, the ASPH board and other teams last year and we learnt a huge amount from his experience and knowledge – not just about improvement, but also leadership.

In his latest blog, Michael describes some of what it takes to be a leader in healthcare, rather than just a manger.  He describes how a manager’s effectiveness is “highly dependent on the leadership skills and the behaviors they practice, not just their technical, clinical, or procedural knowledge.”

Michael also describes some of the ideas we have talked about in previous blogs, including the importance of communication, asking questions and visiting with teams – “To develop an authentic presence as a leader and to become an effective manager, you have to understand what your department does and how it does it.”

You can read Michael’s blog here and let us know what you think in the comments section below.  

What more could we be doing to help our managers become effective leaders for healthcare and improvement?  Let us know what you think.


Mark – @MarkH_Work

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